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Cassava starch is a fine, white, odorless and tasteless powder, which is extracted from the tuber of cassava (Manihot esculenta). It has great benefits and we sell it in different sizes for all needs.


We are Produsur

Productores Unidos del Sur Sociedad Anónima arises at the initiative of a group of investors in 2015 with the main objective of helping to promote the economic development of small and medium regional producers.

Our main activity is the processing and industrialization of cassava, by-products and derivatives. We carry out the packaging,
commercialization, import and export of cassava starch in different presentations.

We do everything with faith in God who is our guide and gives us work and hope.

A constant cycleto add value and grow

We have a defined work process, we accompany the producers providing support from soil management to harvest and then we move on to the industrialization of the final product and its export, thus creating a constant cycle that provides benefits for each link. Every year we are growing in collection, production and export thanks to the joint effort of all parts of the production chain.

at Produsur 
we process cassava
we process cassava
We pack aliment
We pack aliment

Caring for the environment and promoting the growth of producers.

At Produsur, we collect, process cassava and pack Starch. Caring for the environment and
promoting the growth of producers.


High-quality solutions for cassava cultivation

Produsur offers farmers throughout Paraguay the best technology with highly effective solutions for all stages of cultivation.

Technical assistance, soil analysis and pest control

Its cultivation backed by specialists! Produsur’s specialist technicians are always ready to help you with all the needs of your crop, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in both applications and harvesting.

Support and rental of agricultural implements

Produsur also provides support and rental of agricultural implements that facilitate work in all stages of cultivation, consult our technicians for advice.

High quality solutions

Produsur offers farmers throughout Paraguay the best technology with highly effective solutions for all stages of cultivation.

Preference: 07/15 to 09/15
Tolerance: 06/15 to 11/15

(The later, the less potential)

It is directly related to

– Between the lines: 90 to 100 cm
– Between floors: 60 to 80 cm

Planting depth

– 10 cm for sandy soils.
– 5 cm for clay soils.

Depending on spacing: 14,000 to 15,000 plants per

13 to 15 cm, with 5 to 7 buds.

Marrow / woody part ratio: 1/1.
Perform a latex test, to find out if
the seeds are of good quality.

This is a good test for quality.

Cut straight to improve rooting.
Best parts (basal and middle) of the branches.

(1-4) of 1 hectare is
extracted for 4 hectares.

Produces approximately
3 to 4 m3 / hectare.

* Carry out a prior monitoring in the area where the seed branches will be extracted. (Presence of pests and diseases).

* Make the cuts in the dormant period. (Without leaves).

Place a bow.

The base of the soil slightly removed.
The branches lay vertically leaning over the arch.

Cover the base of the branches with loose soil.
Place dry plant coverage.

Applications of the cassava starch

Cassava starch is a thickener and stabilizer used in fruit cakes, soups, desserts, breads, soy sauces, and meat products. It can withstand long periods of cooking without breaking down.

Products made with cassava do not lose quality when frozen and reheated, because cassava retains its thickening capabilities throughout these processes. Cassava turns clear and gel-like when cooked and completely dissolves when used as a thickener.

Many products contain cassava starch, preferred for its superior gelling, thickening and texturing properties.

500+Producers and on the rise

We provide the economic development of our country

One of the most important purposes of PRODUSUR is to provide benefits to producers and their families, engineers and technicians who participate in the cassava production chain, taking advantage of the potential of the crop and expanding the possibilities of growth and expansion.

44 Direct officers

150 Service providers

Contact us to know us more

We are an industry in constant growth, we seek innovation and the benefit of producers and the environment.